Workers' Compensation

Occupational Medicine

Work-related injuries can range from the trivial to the catastrophic. OHG’s goal is to treat the injured employee as quickly and efficiently as possible. The efficient handling of an employee’s physical complaints caused by work can improve employee satisfaction, avoid OSHA recordable incidents, speed recovery and return to work times, as well as control direct / indirect costs related to workplace injuries.

Minimizing the potential for workplace injuries and effectively managing injuries if they do occur are part of the employer’s everyday task.

Medical Services

Workers Compensation

For most employers, managing the medical needs of employees and their relation to job function represents a challenging task. There are many employee health issues that require employer attention.

Our clinics are built upon the strengths and resources of our qualified medical staff. Our physicians are dedicated occupational medicine providers who fully understand occupational health needs. In addition, our physicians can perform surveillance physicals, workers’ comp follow-up or consult on FMLA, ADA or other issues on a weekly or monthly basis.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

With Occupational Health Group’s comprehensive Wellness Services Department, employers can take an active role in ensuring employee health, lowering health care costs and keeping employees healthy, productive and on the job.

From assessment to developing a customized plan, OHG Wellness Services can provide complete Wellness Program Management, as well as offer a full “menu” of service to the business community. Screenings can be performed within your business facility and audiograms are performed in our 29-foot HealthMobile van. We will meet with you and together we can create a personalized wellness program that meets the unique needs of your company.